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Teri Polo and Chazz Palminteri - Final Recourse


BROOKE HOLTON ( TERI POLO ) lives an ideal, happy life. She is a wealthy businesswoman with a handsome husband and two wonderful children. But her life is torn apart by a tragic car accident, after which she spirals into a dark place, becoming disconnected from her family that still loves her. Nothing that her husband, ALBERT, does brings her back to them.

One day, in the haze of a drunken stupor, Brooke is kidnapped by JERRY’s ( Chazz Palminteri ) goons and dragged to a makeshift prison in the middle of nowhere. They stage her suicide to throw the police off the trail, and once things have settled down, quietly approach Albert for ransom money. During that time, Brooke goes through the agony of drug and alcohol withdrawal, forcing her to confront the issues from which she has been running. As the days pass, Brooke discovers that she is not going to be released and that her husband and daughter are in grave danger. Her mindset completely changed, she plans to escape from her captors and protect her family at any cost.

When her plans are discovered, Brooke barely manages to survive the deadly shootout that ensues. Able to escape back home to her husband and daughter as a new person,

Brooke tries to get back to her old life, but soon realizes that something is amiss. A trail of clues lead her to unearth the secret that someone close to her might have been behind the kidnapping from the beginning. MICHELLE ( TIA  CARRERE ), her close friend, may be involved in this dark secret.

    Interview with Producers Jeffrey Edell and Elaine Hastings Edell on the set of Final Recourse. Starring Teri Polo, Chazz Palminteri and Tia Carrere a thriller slated for summer 2013.  





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